I’ve Never Regretted Campaigning For Npp – Cwesi Oteng

Cwesi Oteng has stated that he has never regretted his decision to campaign for the ruling political party NPP.

The gospel musician was heavily involved in the campaign process of the NPP and it is rumoured that years after supporting the political party into power, he is disappointed in their inability to turn the nation around for the better.

Cwesi Oteng speaking in an interview on HITZ FM rubbished such claims and explained that even though his expectation and the expectations of Ghanaians have not been met, he has never regretted voting for the NPP.

He stated that he did not make his decision out of the blue or for selfish reasons but it was a well thought about decision to campaign for them.

He added that it is about time Christians have a say in the political issues that go on in the country and stop seeing politics as something evil.

Cwesi Oteng said that he believes that it is important that Christians also contribute in the society and as such he made an independent choice without fear.

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