Keche reacts to Kuami Eugene’s claims that he wrote ‘No Dulling’ song

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Over the weekends, Kuami Eugene alleged in the course of an interview with Delay that he wrote almost all the lyrics in ‘No Dulling’ song.

According to Kuami Eugene, Keche’s claims that he didn’t play a significant role in the writing of the viral ‘No Dulling’ song is false.

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“I did the whole chorus and hook. If anybody claims credit for it, it’s a big lie because I wrote that. They are claiming credit for it because they feel they do not have talent or are inferior. I had written the hook and everything before they contacted me,” Kuami Eugene said.

However, Keche has bared teeth at Kuami Eugene for claiming credit for something he did not do. They shared a snippet of Kuamai Eugene’s speech to clarify the entire issue.

Reacting to this, Keche failed to state emphatically whether they were the writers of the hook and chorus of the ‘No Dulling’ track, they have revealed their displeasure over Kuami Eugene claiming something they had worked for and paid for.

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