Lasmid shares grass-to-grace story; Says he was under training as a mechanic before becoming a musician

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Talented Ghanaian singer, Lamid, has shared his inspiring journey from humble beginnings to becoming a renowned musician.

In a recent interview on Onua FM, the acclaimed artist disclosed that he used to work as a mechanic, fondly known as “Fita,” before fully embracing a career in music.

Interestingly, his path to music commenced during his time as a mechanic in training.

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However, he soon realized that his heart and soul were deeply connected to the world of music, and this burning passion eventually led him to make a life-changing decision.

According to Lasmid he courageously decided to quit his mechanical pursuits and wholeheartedly pursue his dreams in the music industry.

“I was a mechanic, “Fita” apprentice ( auto electronics) but I was unable to complete it. I was trained for a period between three to six months but I realized that my destiny was in music so I had to stop. The errands too were a lot,”

Although he quit halfway through the training, he still has some expertise in the field should he be guided by a pro.

“I learned a lot of things so I can determine a fault in that regard but would have to get someone to do the fixing after I have identified the problem,” he stated.

He further added that was not pressured to study the trade by his guardians but by his will to give it a go and started the training which he did in Takoradi.

“I wasn’t forced to learn the job but I wasn’t willing to do so. It was more like I was at home doing nothing. No one forced me. After a lot of thinking, I realized I had done a lot of difficult tasks before so this was no different; it was normal. I learned the trade at Takoradi,”

Lasmid has said he has no regret for quitting his training to pursue music because it has been worth it.

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