Let’s bring back CDs and pen drives – Philipa Baafi pleads

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Gospel singer Philipa Baafi shared that reintroducing CDs and pen drives could help the Ghanaian music industry break even and generate better returns on investment.

While she supports music streaming, she feels the industry rushed into the digital space without fully exploiting the potential of hard copy sales.

Philipa, who recently returned from a three-year hiatus to train as a Physician Assistant, suggests that operating both systems simultaneously would offer artists tangible means to monetize their products.

In a conversation with Graphic Showbiz, she explained that the advent of digital stores led to a decline in sales, significantly impacting the industry.

“I believe in both streaming and CDs/pen drives. We are not fully there yet compared to Western countries, and many in Ghana are still unfamiliar with social media,” she noted.

Philipa highlighted the financial challenges musicians face, such as high costs for recording, music video production, and promotion.

She argued that alternative revenue streams, like selling CDs and pen drives, are essential for sustaining careers.

“There’s still demand for hard copies, especially in settings like churches and cars where digital access is limited. Even now, I can sell CDs and pen drives at churches. It’s feasible,” she emphasized.

She encouraged stakeholders not to focus solely on digital platforms but also to promote and sell music through traditional means.

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