Medikal exposes how Fella Makafui’s ex-boyfriend took a shop from her

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The one-time 2 love birds have scattered and have gone berserk online.

Yesterday, in a series of tweets Medikal exposed certain issues that he has been dealing with in his marital home.

In a series of tweets on X, the Rapper revealed how Fella Makafui called the police on him yesterday.

In a text attached to the video, Medikal alleged that Fella called the police on him after he asked her cousin, Bless, who has been living with them for over two years, to move out.

According to Medikal, he wants the public to be aware of this incident because the cousin recorded it, potentially leading to future misunderstandings or accusations.

He also emphasized that he has never been abusive or violent and only seeks to co-parent peacefully and ensure a bright future for their child.

Expressing his sentiments once more on Snapchat, the Beyond Kontrol Leader has revealed that he has gone through a lot since he decided to settle with Fella.

He says that because of the love he had for Makafui he did things that were almost very weird just to be with her.

Medikal chronicles having to become the saviour for Fella when all her then-boyfriends break up with her and take from her what they had bought for her including a shop.

Explaining matters, Medikal disclosed that all these individuals went dangerous and physical on her but for him, he made sure he gave Fella all she deserved to make her life very comfortable.

He revealed that he bought cars, shopped for her, and gave her enough money to do any business that she wanted to do and has been doing.

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