They Mocked And Laughed At Me For Working Under Akua GMB – Gloria Osei Weeps (Video)

Efiewura TV show actress, Gloria Osei has revealed in her thank you message to all her friends and family who came to help and support in the opening of her shop “Glow City Boutique And Salon” that she has in recent times received a lot of bashing on social media because she was working under general manager of Angel TV, Sally Akua Amoakowaa Mensah who is popularly known as Akua GMB.

The actress and TV presenter stated that many of her followers usually came under her post on social media and questioned why they were not seeing her do anything substantial in the society. She added that many of these followers usually compared her to her other colleagues and disclosed to her the things they were doing and why they felt she should also do same or more.

Gloria further added that some of her followers at a point in time questioned why she decided to go and work at Angel TV, which is under the leadership of Akua GMB, who they believe is too young to be her boss.

“…many of my followers on social media questioned me on the things I had, somebody even went ahead and ask me why as an elderly lady like me, will decide to work at Angel TV, under the of my colleague and younger sister Akua, my sweetheart…” Gloria Sarfo said.

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The actress after all these revelations heaped loads of praises on God for all the wonderful things he has done for her. She also gave a special mention to her friend and colleague, Sarah Attakora Kekeli who introduced her. Kofi Andoh, the producer of the Efiewura TV show, which made her a household name.

Watch the full video below…