No, It’s Never The Responsibility Of Guys To Pay Bills Of Their Girlfriends – Afia Schwa, Tracy Boakye And Salma Mumin Sing Same Song

TV presenter and comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger, Actress and movie producer Tracy Boakye and actress Salma Mumin all have the same lyrics to the song about guys paying the bills of their girlfriends before they get married, and it is a big NO.

In a post on the Instagram timeline of celebrity blogger Zionfelix which asked the question “Is it a man’s responsibility to pay bills for his partner even when both of them are not yet married?”, all the above mentioned well to do female celebrities answered in the negative.

Afia Schwarzenegger, who has in most times been described as a controversial person was the first to comment and she stated as her response, a simple No. Actress Salma Mumin, who was also recently alleged to have been on a lovely vocation with movie producer Kofi Asamoah came in next and added a little spice with an exclamation to her answer No! Actress and movie producer Tracy Boakye who was the last but not the lest of these celebs to comment on this post also stated as her response a simple No.

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This response from these top female celebrities will surely go down well with guys who have the same inclination that it is never their responsibility to e paying the bills of their women when they are not yet married to them but will surely receive a reply from other ladies who believe it is the guy’s responsibility.

Check out their comments and other contrary views below…

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