Moesha Buduong Finally Reveals Why She Is Fighting Efia Odo – Watch Video

If you are one of those who was wondering why actress and Instagram model, Moesha Babiinoti Buduong was recently blasting and making some wild allegations against her colleague Efia Odo, then this revelation is for you. The heavy bum actress in a chit-chat with Ameyaw Debrah at the AFRIMA event has disclosed that Efia Odo is constantly stepping on her toes in the entertainment, even though she has done nothing wrong against her.

“I am fighting her because she has been stepping on my toes… I have done nothing to her…” Moesha stated.

Asked if Efia Odo has tried to reach her after she launched that Tsunami attack on her, Moesha Buduong disclosed that the Kwese TV presenter has not. Although sweet Moe does not disclose that things Efia Odo did to her which amounts to her stepping on her toes in the video sighted by, one will have to take a wild guess that it all happened probably low key.

This catfight between the two entertainers started when Moesha Boduong decided to go under a post of Efia Odo and attack her to stop living a fake life and practice the things she preaches on her social media timelines.

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It was later followed with a full post by Moesha Buduong on her Instagram timeline in which she alleged that her colleague actress aborted a baby for a musician she (Efia Odo) knew had a girlfriend but still agreed to sleep with him. Not just that, she continued that sister Odo has been sleeping with footballers, big men and famous personalities in the country but none of her affair with them has given her any positive positive results. She claimed that Efia Odo only gets peanuts from the guys she sleeps with and that has not helped her in living the lavish lifestyle she has always wanted.

Watch the video of Moesha Below…

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