Music Distribution to iTunes, Spotify, etc. Made Easy by Yve Digital

Digital Distribution lately has been the source of revenue for most artists worldwide aside Tours and gigs. It is alleged there are millions of dollars to be made on these digital platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Shazam, Tidal, etc.

Yve Digital Distributions was launched digitally not long ago and as a new company with skills of helping musicians and labels make more money, they are distributing for artists worldwide for FREE whilst the artist keeps 100% of his/her revenue made!

They have tools to make artists peak on Charts, placements in Spotify and Itunes playlists, Marketing, and Artist’s account verifications in Digital Stores. If someone has uploaded your songs on these platforms and you want it pulled down, Yve Digital can help do that for you.

They also get you log in details so you sign in every time to see how much you are making every quarter. If you an artist/label wanting to work with Yve Digital, Apply on their website or send them an email and they will reply you.

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