My husband is also crushing on Omotola – Afua Asantewaa replies critics after her Kuami Eugene statement

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Afua made headlines days ago when she told Joy Prime how she lost focus and forgot the lyrics to her songs because the ‘Rockstar’ Kuame Eugene paid her an unexpected visit during the Singathon and he has been her celebrity crush all this while.

“That guy came and I could not remember my lyrics. I said ‘this guy has worried me.’ If Guinness people don’t give me the record, it’s Kuami Eugene fault,” she said

Afua added that her husband was aware of her crush on Kuami Eugene hence it was no big deal.

“My husband knows. So when he got there I said ‘Kuami you have worried me. You shouldn’t have come” – she further noted.

Fans criticized her for this revelation, arguing that a married woman didn’t have to declare such a statement publicly.

Afua Asantewaa, in response to the online criticism, has asserted that time is too unfortunate for people to focus on her harmless statement.

In a post, she asserted that her husband, Mr. Aduonom, also greatly admired Nigerian actress Omotola, therefore, there should be no uproar over her remarks concerning Kuame Eugene.

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