The Noise About Free SHS Is Too Much, Fulfill Other Promises – Koo Fori to Prez. Akuffo Addo

Actor Seth Kofi Karikari, popularly known as Koo Fori is one of the Ghanaian celebrities who are not really enthused about the fact that the current government, the New Patriotic Party, is always trumpeting their Free Senior High School Policy as their only trump card achievement ever since they took power in 2016.

Speaking on the ‘Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix’ show, the talented actor questioned why the government always mentioned the policy as an example, when they are asked the things they have done for the country after they took the whims of power.

He made the point that there were a lot of issues they raised prior to the general election in 2016, and as such, they should focus on the other sectors like the one district one factory which has not seen much attention given to them yet.

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The “Efiewura” actor rated the government’s performance in the last three years of being in power as 5/10 and stressed that for some time now he has not been too perturbed with worries that have to do with politics because he has come to the realization that what they do is all tricks.

Watch the video of actor Koo Fori speaking about the NPP government’s performance so far:

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