O2 Indigo is too small for my show – Patapaa brags

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Ghanaian musician Patapaa has fired back at critics who doubted his ability to fill the Indigo at The O2 arena in London, asserting that the 2,800-capacity venue is not sufficient to contain his growing fanbase.

Following Medikal’s successful concert at the same venue two weeks prior, the “One Corner” hitmaker, known offstage as Justice Amoa, expressed confidence in his own ability to surpass previous achievements.

In a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz, he declared, “Surely, my team and I will make it happen. We will fill the Indigo at The O2. My fans all over Europe, especially those in the UK, have always awaited that day.”

However, he remained undeterred, stating, “There have been several contacts from promoters to help make this happen after my post on X, but I’m only interested in Ghanaian promoters because I want it done our way.”

In addition to addressing his upcoming endeavor, Patapaa took the opportunity to confront detractors who have questioned his talent and dismissed his rise to fame as mere chance.

Describing such critics as ignorant, he expressed his determination to challenge negative perceptions and prove his worth in the music industry.

Patapaa highlighted his ongoing efforts to combat misconceptions surrounding his career, emphasizing his commitment to educating those who fail to recognize his talent.

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