One of my songs changed a fetish priest of 20 years into an evangelist – Sonnie Badu alleges

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Ghanaian gospel musician Sonnie Badu recently shared a remarkable experience about the transformative power of his music.

According to him, one of his songs had a profound impact on a fetish priest, leading to a significant life change.

During an interview on AdwumaAdwuma, Sonnie Badu recounted the story, revealing that the fetish priest was deeply moved by the message conveyed through his music.

According to the “Baba” hitmaker, the fetish priest revealed he was struck down when he watched the music video on TV.

Before that encounter, he had been in the fetish priest business for about 20 years.

Narrating his (fetish priest ) story, he stated that he was holding his fly-whisk (bodua) while watching a video on TV, however, after Sonnie Badu came on and started singing, the bodua fell from his hands.

Following this, he said the fly-whisk was not able to be picked up and indicated that he did not even know the popular Gospel musician at that time.

The then fetish priest is now an evangelist.

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