Photographer Paul Addo On Capturing A Hopeful Accra

 Photographer Paul Addo On Capturing A Hopeful Accra

Photographer Paul Addo is a prominent name among a new generation of vibrant creatives documenting the continual brilliance of Accra.

Ghana’s capital since 1877, the city–home to some 2.5 million people–also boasts of some of the most breathtaking landscapes on the continent, consequently making it a heavily sought-after tourism destination.

Addo, who has been practising professionally since 2016 has actively archived the city’s colourful scene, capturing iconic edifices and awe-inspiring scenery that line this city.

“When I walk through Accra and point my camera at anything, I automatically connect to my subject, be it a person, street, or building,” says the man of what drives his craft. “That connection,” he adds “is what keeps me photographing every day.”

Through his work, Addo intends to portray a “message of the beauty of Accra,” a city he calls home.

“Accra’s landscape; from old and modern architecture to the beaches is something that we can’t overlook. Through my photographs, I want to tell every Ghanaian that there is hope, love and beauty wherever we live,” he says.

The aforementioned adjectives–palpable in his every photo–must be present in the homes of Accra’s citizens, too, he hopes. It is why in the past weeks, Addo has embarked on a campaign to fill homes with elegantly framed images that capture the city’s essence to serve as refreshing reminders of the endless magic that distinguishes Accra.

“I want to beautify homes through the power of photography. I want to see every home or office in Ghana decorated with an image from Ghana; images we can relate to.”

Accra runs on passion. It is what gives it its infectious vibrancy and singular visual appeal. Amidst all of the briskness that attends daily hustle and bustle resides a majesty that cannot be overemphasised. This, Addo says, is his mission.

See more dazzling Paul Addo-made photos below:


Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku

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