A-Plus’ Streetlights Demo Is Needless – Artiste Manager

Enoch Agyapong

Artiste manager and entertainment critic, Enoch Agyapong has called musician A-plus’ decision to stage a demonstration against the NPP government over poor street lighting and bad state of roads in the country as not important.

Mr. Agyapong believes there are several pressing issues to be tackled in the country than focusing on streetlights which are always stolen by Ghanaians anytime the government fix them.

A-plus in an Instagram post expressed his displeasure with the bad state of roads in the country and the lack of street lights on major highways which have resulted in several accidents and deaths.

He further questioned to what purpose the streetlight levies and road tolls were being utilized.

“We the National Association of Talkatives and the Comment Readers Association of Ghana are going to embark on a massive demonstration and sack all the toll collectors until maintenance works and streetlights are fixed on the motorway. We are not asking government to go to China or to the IMF or the World Bank for loans. We are demanding that it is financed with the streetlight levy we pay when we buy electricity and the toll we have paid for decades and continue to pay when we use the road.
Just one week! One week! If we don’t hear anything we will move thousands of people there. How can people pay toll so that they can be killed. Why are we paying for are own death? In Ghana you can’t even die for free? You have to pay to be killed on a motorway? What crime have Ghanaians committed? One big demo by “The Prople” is coming! Show by hands if you are in.

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But Enoch Agyapong reacting to A-plus plan to stage a demo against the NPP government said the ruling government should not be blamed for the streetlight wahala but the citizens.  According to the former manager of Fatau Keita, “The last time I checked the government had fixed streetlights on the full stretch of Tema Motorway” but the citizens secretly stole all the cables.

“Mr A-Plus Your Motorway streetlights demo is needless.

The last time I checked the government had fixed streetlights on the full stretch of Tema Motorway.
The last time I checked the citizens had stolen all the cables rendering all the lights useless.

I hear Mr APlus you want to stage a demonstration for streetlights on the motorway, well I don’t think it is worth anybody’s time since you are part of the ruling government and can talk to them to get it done instead of wasting everybody’s time.
Currently there are ongoing works on the Tema motorway especially the roundabout at the Tema end and I’m sure a further discussion of common streetlights can be discussed and fixed if the citizens will not go and steal the cables again.

We have a lot of important issues to think about as a nation and yes streetlights is part of it BUT can be addressed via discussions.

What surprised me was when you said you are going to stop the people from collecting tolls because the country belongs to us.
For your information the country indeed belongs to us and we have given that mandate to rule to a group of politicians of our choice unless you want to tell us that the campaign you did was for some ghost to come and vote.
I want to assure you that if you try to stop the cashiers from collecting monies on that day, that will amount to lawlessness and you will surely sleep by your excuse me poop.
The country is being governed by laws and if one feels strongly about certain issues there are ways to address them.

As I type this morning a whole university have been closed down and your political friends are too busy finding ways and means to get the school reopened to avoid more embarrassment.
Fuel price is on the daily rise and I believe they are also having sleepless nights thinking of how to stop its increasing speed.

Mr APlus I want to also believe that you have benefited from the public purse especially from the petroleum sector and you are also a very close friend of Nana Addo and I want to believe a phone call can book you an appointment so you can discuss your streetlight matter with him and spare us the trouble of going through this hot Sun wai and oh before I forget kindly remind Nana during your meeting of the Musicians Ghamro money ie BLANK LEVY, please tell him we are really suffering and that if he has used it for his passionate free SHS project he should please refund it ASAP in order to save our old musicians who have sacrificed their entire life for this country.

Mr APlus the VhimCrew has on several occasions agreed with you in the past but this time around we disagree with you on this streetlight demonstration matter and we hope you will take it in good faith.

#VhimCrew #VhimMoveMent” Enoch Agyapong’s post on Facebook read.