Praye Tiatia reveals how his wife Selly Gally suffered 5 miscarriages

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Ghanaian musician Praye Tietia revealed the hardships he and his wife, Selly Galley, endured in their quest for parenthood.

Speaking on D-Black’s ‘Uncut’ show, Tietia disclosed, “With the twins? Because we had about five miscarriages. We lost the last at 7 months.”

Despite the challenges, he lauded Galley’s resilience, stating, “Yeah, she is a strong woman. One of the most unbelievable women I’ve ever met.”

Reflecting on their early days, Tietia reminisced about meeting Galley when she was the lead dancer in the music video for Praye’s hit song, ‘Angelina’.

He recalled, “When I met her, she was 20 or 21 years old. She and her squad at that time created the Angelina dance and she was in the video.”

Tietia admired Galley’s leadership skills, noting, “What caught my attention was her leadership skills.”

The couple, married for eight years, celebrated the arrival of twins in August 2023.

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