Princess Shyngle Adopts A Cunning Way To ‘Confirm’ Michael Essien Is A ‘Quick’ Man? – Watch Video

Princess Shyngle has adopted a cunning and a hilarious way to confirm that her former $ex buddy Michael Essien is probably among the 99.9% of the men she revealed in an interview that they failed to please her when they had the adult activity.

The Gambia born actress decided to share a video of comic skit creator ‘Toli master’ probably for shaggy reasons or to really give the confirmation that Michael Essien is that bad in bad. In the post Princess Shyngle shared, Toli Master, stated that Nadia Burai told him that the former international football star is good in bed but Princess Shyngle gave an answer in the negative.

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In the video she shared, Essien was also asked why she failed in bed, he stated that he was afraid as an answer in a hilarious manner. Even though the video can be viewed as a funny skit, the motive behind Princess Shyngle deciding to share such a video now when Essien’s marriage is rumored to be ending because of the relationship they both had, suggest great mischief.

Watch the video below…

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