READER’S MAIL: Moesha Boduong Must Retake Critical Thinking At University Of Ghana

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Zionfelix is a renowned blogger, social media influencer, Publicist/PRO, Radio & TV Personality. He holds BSc Information Studies & Political Science from the University of Ghana, Legon. He's the host of entertainment shows "Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix", "Zionfelix Uncut" and "Gossip Palour With Zionfelix" Contact: +233242544313 IG & Twitter: @Zionfelixdotcom

In a time where almost every educated person is fighting for the rights of women in the country, actress and model Moesha Boduong’s proclamation on CNN comes as an unfortunate incident.

We are in an era where we see hardworking women strive to make ends meet and live independently without having to lean on a pot-bellied Oldman for income. And the fact that it comes from someone I thought was part of this movement as she claimed that she struggled on her own to make it to the top baffles me. Moesha in an interaction with students of the Hilla Limann hall of the University of Ghana stressed that she had to keep persevering in her quest to be a movie star before she was able to get to that level. The beautiful actress in her address advised the said students, who were dominantly ladies not to sell their bodies for money but believe in their talents and keep persisting. Hence this news came as an utmost shock to me and most of the residents of the hall who were present during her interaction.

Now, first of all, I want to state categorically that I have watched a number of interviews of Moesha on top TV shows in Ghana. Talk of the Celebrity Ride with Zionfelix, the Delay Show just to mention few. I can’t think far on why she failed to reveal the so-called ‘hard truth’ internally but rather chose to pull the image of all Ghanaian ladies into disrepute on an international platform. I would like to make reference to a course titled ‘Critical Thinking and Practical Reasoning’, a required course in the University of Ghana where Miss Boduong graduated from. I must believe she is privy to the term ‘Hasty Generalization’ if only she passed that course through the right channel.

‘Hasty Generalization is informal fallacies of faulty generalization by reaching an inductive generalization based on insufficient evidence-essentially making a rushed conclusion without considering all the variables’ – Wikipedia. So why will Moesha generalize her personal beliefs to affect all ladies in the country? Who said most ladies cannot afford to pay for an apartment on their own? Who said it’s only in Africa that ‘some’ ladies have to go through this? And how dare you blame the economy for greediness? Moesha should give us a break on her useless arguments. If you want to live a flashy life without earning it, what do you expect from your sponsor? Go and ask those women who are struggling in the streets, career women who are sending their sponsorship proposals and business ideas from one company to the other in a bid to make it on their own. If you have chosen to gain what people are suffering to gain easily, please spare us all these boloneys and suffer your humiliation alone.

A woman who jumps from one man to another because your previous man failed to meet present needs, what else do you expect? Now my last point, Moesha Boduong has not only disgraced herself but also the whole country and the toil of the hardworking women in Ghana.

I am not condoning the disgraceful act of some men in the country who engage in this sex trade act but only cautioning ladies that no matter whom you are or where you come from, you can definitely make it on your own without having to depend on a man. Strive for excellence, believe in yourself and always know that the road to success will never be smooth, it takes your hard work and determination to reach the heights you want.

John Acquaful
Level 200 Political Science & Russian Student
University of Ghana.

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