Several Pastors I Rejected Are Still Chasing Me For A Relationship – Tracey Boakye

Actress and movie producer, Tracey Boakye, has stated that Ghanaians should not always be quick to jump the gun and crucify pastors when issues that concern certain immoral things they have engaged themselves in pop up in the media space because they are humans too.
According to her, they have been a lot of proposals from pastors she has rejected but she is not too perturbed and judger because she is aware they are also humans who have feelings like any other person other.

When the entrepreneur was asked for her take on the issues that concern pastors who are married going behind their wives to propose to other ladies, she stated that she sees nothing wrong with that, especially when the proposal was not one that the said pastor went on public radio to announce.

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She was however quick to stress that these points she talks about do not in any way mean and suggest that she has an affair or has ever had an affair with a pastor but many of the popular pastors in the country are very close friends of hers.

Watch the video of Tracey Boakye speaking on the ‘Uncut’ show after the press conference of Kofas Media’s upcoming movie ‘Away Bus’…

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