STOP CRYING: Singer Nana Yaa Tells Sad Story Of Why She Only Sees With One Eye

On Sunday, 10th June, Nana Yaa shocked viewers during the 2nd episode of  “Written In the Stars” with some revelations about her family and herself.

One of the major revelations was that, Nana Yaa is blind in one eye due to an abusive experience of a family member.  Speaking to TuRas TuRis, Nana Yaa spoke passionately, even to the point of tears, about how her father, Pat Thomas, followed the advice of a girlfriend to send Nana Yaa and her brother ( now deceased) to Liberia. She spoke about her father prioritizing his love for another woman, to his children.

During the discussion, Nana Yaa is clearly seen holding back tears and trying hard to show a brave face. She described as “excruciating pain” what she felt when her stepmother’s son physically abused her.

It seems that, after all these years, there still isn’t much of love between father and daughter, as she painfully says: “He doesn’t visit. He doesn’t even come to see his grandchildren”.

This was a very sober and heartbreaking revelation from Nana Yaa. Though we hear about that side of her, we are also encouraged as she seems to have found strength in prayer and in her passion for music, to the point of even forgiving and trying to draw close to her father. Many people will not easily find it in their hearts to do this.

We wish Nana Yaa well and hope she keeps finding the strength to produce great music for her generation.

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