Sugar Daddies Who Sponsor Ghanaian Celebrities Are Very Stingy – TV Presenter Spills The Beans

The host of GTV’s recently launched exclusive men cooking show dubbed ‘Mukaase’, Maame Afre Sika is out for the blood of the so-called well to do female celebrities who are always flaunting wealth and luxurious lifestyles on social media and ascribing them to some hard work they do or their sugar daddies.

According to her, the association she had with some of them in recent times demonstrated to her that they always exhibit a very fake lifestyle on social media just to lure young ones to do very stupid things in the name of getting the things they display on their various social media handles.

Maame Afre Sika alleged that most of the supposed sugar daddies these celebs claim to be their sponsors are very stingy and as such, they usually give them a very small amount of money, which cannot cater for all their luxurious lifestyles.

She added that most of the things they splash on social media are either bored or given to them for free.

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The TV presenter, therefore, used the video sighted by to tell the youth who look up to such celebrities to make sure they are not too pressured into thinking that God has abandoned them because it is not all that glitters which is gold.

Watch the video of Maame Afre Sika below:






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