VIDEO: Delay dismisses Oseikrom Sikani’s claims that he made his fortune from music

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Oseikrom Sikanii, the popular Ghanaian internet sensation and rapper recently made an appearance on the Delay Show.

However, despite his confident demeanor, he failed to convince the host about the source of his income that supports his extravagant lifestyle.

During the interview, Oseikrom Sikanii proudly showcased his lavish jewelry and mentioned that his outfit for the occasion alone cost him over GH100,000.

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When questioned about the origins of his wealth and how he manages to sustain such a luxurious way of life, Oseikrom Sikanii attributed it to his involvement in the music industry and his circle of friends.

I have so many friends and sometimes, for a whole month, I would have made no purchases with my money,” Oseirom Sikanii said.

“People send me money. Some people send me money on the basis that they find me funny. I don’t have a specific job apart from music. I perform and get paid,” he added but his response was not convincing to Delay.

“Come on. As a musician, how many shows do you get to have built an 8-bedroom and acquired many cars? What kind of shows? Mention them,” Delay asked.

In response, the up-and-coming musician said “on 5th March, I even performed at F2 Rave at Offinso. They gave me 20,000. So, just imagine, if I perform at five shows for even a month, how much do you think I’d make?”

In a heated conversation, Delay said “so, you expect me to buy this story of yours?” and he replied: “Don’t I deserve 20,000? That is even the least I take for performances,” Sikanii replied.

However, Delay was dissatisfied with the response and accused the musician of telling lies to the public and his fans.

She said: “Frankly, you throw dust in people’s eyes. Some of you would claim to be doing music and you’d be buying expensive cars, living lavishly and the moment, you are arrested for fraud. This is what’s happening. Most of you are misleading the youth and they think all is rosy but that’s not the case. Are you a fraudster?”

But Oseikrom Sikanii kept his stance and composure when he said “No, I’m not. I’m a businessman. I do it one-on-one. People impersonate me.”

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