VIDEO: Fadda Dickson reportedly spent $10,000 on Nana Ama Mcbrown’s second arm surgery – Kwaku Manu states

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Kumawood actor-cum-YouTuber, Kwaku Manu, has come out to defend her colleague industry person Nana Ama Mcbrown following the backlash she has suffered at the hands of some Despite Media workers and critics for the past three days following her move to ONUA TV.

According to Kwaku Manu, Nana Ama Mcbrown should be left to go anywhere she can go to make more money.

Speaking in a self-made video which has been spotted on his YouTube page, Kwaku Manu affirmed the trending reports that Mcbrown was treated in a very special way during her stay at Despite Media but that doesn’t mean she has been bought.

Slamming the critics who are on the neck of the actress for being ungrateful, Kwaku Manu said;

It is a business, we all moved from somewhere to our current job. We’ve seen couples divorce and remarry. People relocate to different countries, UTV hasn’t bought Nana Ama, they don’t own her. She came to work and has decided to move. Maybe she loved the offer she got and felt it was okay and so if she is leaving, there is nothing wrong,” 

Whiles ranting and vehemently dismissing the claims that Mcbrown is unappreciative, Kwaku Manu additionally disclosed that Fadda Dickson spent $10,000 on Mcbrown’s second arm surgery but that doesn’t automatically make her a bad person for switching jobs.

Meanwhile, in an interview Mcbrown granted with Johnnie Hughes on 3FM in the early hours of Tuesday, March 14, 2023, she finally set the records straight.

According to the revered entertainment personality, she left her former job on a very good note.

She disclosed that at the time she accepted to work for Media General, she had no contract with Despite Media because her deal with them ended in December 2022.

Mcbrown added that after the contract ended, she requested her employers to have a sit-down with her and look at ways to make the show better or even get her on a new show.

The mother of one added that she waited for some time by the call never came from her former employers.

“I had this call somewhere about early February, I ignored it. I was thinking about it, I was praying about it, I wanted to be sure even though at that moment, I didn’t have much to do apart from my ambassadorial deals. I didn’t want to go into this but I have to say this because of how the conversation is going.

“I told my previous employers that I wanted to hold on from December. Let’s think of something new to do, that’s what I said to them. I was expecting them to call and say come let’s think about what is new. However, I don’t have a contract with anybody so if nobody is minding me, I have the right to move on…I am not here to explain much. This is me, I pray about every step I make, I don’t just move,” she said.

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