VIDEO: “You must be ashamed of yourself as a lady if you allow a married man to pay your rent for you” – Counsellor Lutterodt goes hard on side chicks

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Reacting to the trending story of one side chick named Debby and her ex-sugar daddy who is the CFO of First Atlantic Bank, Counsellor Lutterodt has slammed ladies who brag about having sugar daddies.

Speaking in an interview on OKAY FM, the controversial marriage and relationship expert blasted young ladies who depend on married men for survival instead of finding work to do.

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According to the counsellor on Okay FM, young women who reside in leased apartments paid for by married men need to feel humiliated rather than take pride in their behavior.

Sisters should be ashamed of her (Deborah Seyram Adablah) because sisters who are lying in rented apartments that are being paid for by married men should rather commit suicide and die than be proud that a few sisters who live in accommodation are being paid for by a married man, and you are proud of her. Shameful people.

Counsellor Lutterodt also posed a general question to women about what they could do for men other than engage in sexual activity.

“Apart from sexual intercourse what do you have to offer any man on earth? Don’t say it out loud, answer it in your own closet and be proud of it and be proud of it.

“Apart from sexual intercourse what do you add to man in your life? Forget your father, forget your brother, forget your cousins. Apart from removing pants, what do you have to add to the life of anyone? You don’t answer in public. Answer in secret,” 

Debby and her sugar daddy Mr. Enest Kwasi Nimako have been trending on the internet for the past three days now after the lady sued the banker for refusing to fulfill the promises made to her during the period of their affair.

First Atlantic Bank has dropped an official press release to disassociate itself from the whole brouhaha but Mr. Ernest, on the other hand, is yet to publicly speak and address the issue.

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