“You’re the woman of my dreams” – Boxer Freezy Macbones tells Delay (Video)

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Ghanaian boxer Seth Gyimah, widely known as Freezy Macbones, has publicly proposed marriage to the renowned TV and radio personality, Delay.

The proposal took place during Freezy Macbones’ appearance on Delay’s show, where he openly expressed his admiration and affection for the media mogul.

Freezy Macbones, who blushed throughout the interview, declared Delay as his dream woman, emphasizing his eagerness to put a ring on her finger if given the chance.

The unexpected revelation sparked intrigue among fans of both the boxer and Delay, creating a buzz on social media.

During the interview, Freezy Macbones shared his reasons for admiring Delay, expressing his deep appreciation for the way she carries herself as a woman.

He described her with genuine admiration, portraying Delay as someone he holds in high regard.

In response to the boxer’s heartfelt confession, Delay humorously raised concerns about the potential for domestic disputes, given Freezy Macbones’ profession as a boxer.

However, Freezy Macbones reassured her, affirming that he would shower her with undiluted love if given the chance, dispelling any notions of aggression.

The unexpected proposal has stirred conversations on social media, with many users urging Delay to give Freezy Macbones a chance, as they perceive him to be a genuine and kind-hearted individual.

The genuine and heartfelt nature of the boxer’s proposal has resonated with fans, creating a buzz of support for a potential romantic connection between the two.

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