“I’m not a husband snatcher” – Abena Korkor sets the records straight

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In an interview with Kwaku Manakan on “Kwaku one on one”, Abena Korkor has defended herself and has remained resolute in her stance against being labeled a husband snatcher.

She admitted to sleeping with married men for fun and embraced her independence and valuing her freedom above all else.

During the interview, Abena Korkor made it abundantly clear that she has no desire to marry anyone; her primary focus is on spending time with different men and relishing their company.

With her undeniable beauty, she naturally attracts the attention of attractive men, and she openly admits to enjoying their companionship without any strings attached.

The controversial Korkor recordings that emerged on social media were just one of the many topics discussed during the interview.

Abena clarified that these videos were simply saved on her phone and unfortunately fell into the wrong hands after she misplaced it.

She also playfully said she was a witch when the interviewer asked if she was because she is a tough girl.

She also talked about not owning a house yet in as much as she loves to have fun. Watch the interview below.

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