Actress Naglad Threatens To Beat Up Akuapem Poloo If …

Rosemond Brown at 2018 Ghana Movie Awards

Actress Rosemond Alade Brown aka Akuapem Poloo may very soon get her butts whipped hard by her colleague, Gladys Akosua Norvor, popularly known as Naglad because according to the latter, the former has no right what so ever to insult her ‘godmother’, Nayas 1.

In a video available to, Naglad goes hard on Akuapem Poloo for deciding to insult Nayas 1 after the recent Ernest Opoku-Nayas 1 social media ‘fight’. She threatens to give the mother of one a dirty slap if she ever insults the self-acclaimed queen of ‘bedmatics’ in Ghana again.

According to the ‘Boys Abre’ actress, Nayas 1 is miles ahead of the video vixen when it comes to class and beauty as such, there should never be an instance where Poloo will have the effrontery to insult her (Nayas 1).

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Naglad also makes the point that her ‘godmother’ is a queen and as a result, Poloo should even bow down to her anytime she sees her approaching. She further stresses that Rosemond Brown should not allow the relationship she has with Ernest Opoku blind her into making the unpardonable mistake of ever insulting the ‘Edwene Bone’ movie producer, Nayas 1 because she will have it hot if it ever happens. And ends her rant with the allegation that the model, Poloo has a mental problem which needs to be healed by a pastor.

Check out the video of Naglad spewing all these fire below:

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