Afronita entered BGT with Abigail’s slot – ‘Family’ speaks

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The families of Abigail and Afronita have become the center of a heated social media controversy, capturing the attention of netizens with their intense and ongoing dispute.

Reports suggest that Afronita and her mother have been bullying Abigail and her mother, sparking a wave of public sympathy and criticism.

The conflict further escalated when allegations surfaced that Afronita is currently stranded in the UK, unable to afford a flight back to Ghana.

This revelation has added another layer to the already complex and emotionally charged situation.

Abigail’s aunt, who resides in the US, has actively joined the fray, sharing her perspectives with IG blogger Tutugyagu.

She claimed that Afronita took Abigail’s spot to participate in Britain’s Got Talent, a prestigious platform that could significantly boost a performer’s career.

This assertion has fueled the narrative that Afronita and her mother have taken undue advantage of Abigail and her family’s kindness.

Abigail’s aunt emphasized that their family is not financially handicapped, countering any perceptions of weakness or poverty.

She demanded that Afronita and her mother acknowledge the role Abigail played in securing the opportunity to perform on the BGT stage, asserting that respect and recognition are due.

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