Agyin Asare’s comments about Nogokpo did the community more good than harm – Abeiku Santana argues

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Famed media personality and business magnate, Abeiku Aggrey Santana has emphasized the need to acknowledge Archbishop Charles Agyin Asare for his commendable efforts in bringing attention to the Nogokpo community.

Santana asserts that the clergyman’s comments have significantly contributed to enhancing the self-perception and overall image of both the community’s leaders and its residents, thereby rendering them a valuable service in terms of self-improvement and branding.

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According to him, the clergyman did the leaders and dwellers a service by assisting them in improving their self-imaging and branding.

People have been misled in the past and believed a certain perception about the town Nogokpo, hence the people of Nogokpo took advantage of bishop charles Agyin Asare’s remark to clear the bad perception and rebrand the town, he said.

Archbishop Charles Agyinasare has been criticized by a section of the public following one of the sermons of his church in which the founder said Nogokpo was the “demonic headquarters” of the Volta Region.

Speaking on UTV Showbiz Night, Mr. Abeiku mentioned that the comment by Agyin Asare triggered the people of Nogokpo to take advantage, saying that it was perfect grounds for them to brand their destination as to what they are known for.

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