Akuapem Poloo confesses to sleeping with married men to survive and getting cursed by their wives at a point

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As we all know, most of our female celebrities are side chicks to rich married men in the country hence Akuapem Poloo‘s confession isn’t surprising.

Unlike some hypocrites who will deny it even if they are caught in the act, Akuapme Poloo has willingly shared some of her dirty pasts in the public domain.

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Speaking in an exclusive interview with BRYT TV – The mother of one exclusively disclosed that it got to a point in her life where she had to sleep with married men in order to survive.

According to Akuapem Poloo, some of the wives of her sugar daddies even cursed her but God being so God, she’s still alive.

Explaining why she ventured into the business of sleeping with married men – Akuapem Poloo revealed that she was paid a very low salary as a salesgirl therefore she had no option but to become a part-time hook-up girl.

In her own words;

’Ive been through a lot. I had to sleep with people’s husbands which I never wanted to do but I had to.  Because they are the ones who can help me”

“When my babe was six months old, my mother took him and told me to go back to Accra to continue with my life. So I came back and started working as a sales person, actress, featured in music videos and a whole lot. Just imagine leaving my six-month old baby, it was hectic”

“I’ve gone through a lot to the extent that women I dated their husbands had to curse me. But after I became enlightened and started acting and met my new man, I stopped that.” 

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