Boys are now scared to approach me; they think I am not on their level – Afronita

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Popular Ghanaian dance sensation, Danita Akosua Adomaah Yeboah, known as Afronitaaa, has announced that she’s currently not entertaining any romantic relationships.

She emphasized her dedication to achieving certain life goals during a live interview on Hitz FM on April 8, stating that her focus is on personal priorities.

Afronitaaa made it clear that she plans to consider dating only after accomplishing her objectives. “At the moment, my priorities are paramount. I have numerous aspirations to pursue, and I aim to establish myself before delving into romantic commitments,” she explained.

When questioned about potential suitors, she lightheartedly remarked, “I’ll bounce you like a tennis ball,” eliciting laughter.

Afronitaaa acknowledged that she’s not often approached by men, attributing it to the assumption that she might turn them down. “It’s not necessarily negative, but I believe people hesitate to approach me because they fear rejection. Boys tend to think that way,” she remarked.

She added that despite this perception, she maintains close friendships with males. “I have many male friends. I don’t exude that intimidating vibe,” she clarified.

Sharing amusing encounters, Afronitaaa recounted being approached by various males, including an elderly gentleman who expressed interest in her.

“Some approaches are quite humorous. Once, someone DM’d me saying, ‘Hi, can I have you if you’re not married?’ Who sends a message like that? He was a mature man,” she shared, chuckling

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