Bury me in female attire when I die – DJ Azonto states

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Ghanaian Disc Jockey and musician, DJ Azonto, has made a resolute commitment to continue his distinctive stage attire, which often features female clothing items.

In an exclusive interview with Property FM, DJ Azonto went as far as expressing his unwavering wish to be laid to rest in feminine garments when his time comes.

“I will never change my way of dressing to perform on stage, in fact when I die I want to be buried in this type of outfit,” he told Amansan Krakye.

He declared “When I’m dead and gone, they should bury me in this same attire because I’m even fed up with the criticism and the multitude of advice.

“A friend of mine owns one of the largest boutiques in Accra but at the time I needed dresses to perform on stage he couldn’t help me.

“No one has even invested 1,000 cedis in my work so everything I have now including my cars and my houses are by the grace of God and my efforts,” he stated

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