Businessmen Should Build Event Centers – Jeshurun Okyere Begs

Gospel singer Jeshurun Okyere definitely has some business acumen lurking somewhere as he has suggested a great business idea to the public.

He has asked businessmen and people seeking profitable business opportunities to build event centers. The reality of very few event centers in Ghana is a burden for most event organisers in the country. The few event centers are sometimes owned by churches and have limited seating capacities. Another problem is that “church owned” centers usually have huge restrictions on people allowed to perform.

Jeshurun who recently had his August worship at the Maker’s House Chapel bemoaned the stress one had to go through just to secure a venue for a program.

In an interview with Zionfelix, he proposed and hoped that more people in the private sector take advantage of this loophole to invest in a very lucrative venture. In his words, “building event centers is a very lucrative idea”. The entertainment and keeps soaring and it is definite event centers will continually be in demand.

Jeshurun sure does deserve a pat on the shoulder for this generous idea.

Watch the interview:

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