Chef Smith needs to be punished for deceiving the country – Leila Djansi

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Renowned filmmaker, Leila Djansi, has issued a stern call to Ghanaians, urging them to take a firm stand against Chef Smith following his recent admission of deception regarding his Guinness World Records (GWR) cook-a-thon title.

Last weekend, Chef Smith publicly apologized in a heartfelt video, admitting that his much-publicized cook-a-thon and subsequent claims of a GWR title were fraudulent.

The apology, however, has not swayed Djansi, who believes the public’s response has been too lenient.

Djansi, a Ghanaian filmmaker based in the United States has expressed her disappointment in a social media post, criticizing the public’s apparent readiness to forgive Chef Smith.

She stressed that such deceit should not be taken lightly and called for collective action to hold him accountable.

According to Djansi, Ghanaians need to “punish Chef Smith the hard way possible” for misleading the nation.

She urged people to cancel Chef Smith and boycott everything associated with him, including his culinary creations, regardless of their quality.

Djansi’s call to action is grounded in the belief that such consequences are necessary to maintain integrity and discourage future deceptions.

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