Cwesi Oteng And Nana Boroo Face Off On Twitter – See Photos

The Cwesi Oteng – Nana Boro beef is gradually taking sharp and building up interest as the two musicians have decided to have their first ever face-off on Twitter today November 13.

In a series of rebuttal tweets sighted by between the two musicians, Nana Boro launches the first punch and attack directed at Cwesi Oteng, when he states in his tweet that most of these gospel musicians act like they are holier than the ‘pope’ but in reality they are no different from them, the circular artistes, who are tagged, sinners.

Gospel musician Cwesi Oteng, the receiver of the message decides not to ‘chop last’ in this battle and as such,  launches his own counter-attack as well. The urban gospel musician expresses shock as to how Nana Boro will blatantly lie on the radio and come back to quote the Bible. He tells Nana Boro to believe in himself and stop using the good name of people like him and Kaywa as a means to get back into the music industry. Cwesi Oteng leaves time to be the judge for the ‘lies’ he says Nana Boro has been telling.

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The genesis of this face-off is as a result of Nana Boro’s revelation on SVTV that he used to sell condoms for the ‘God Dey Bless Me’ singer. This allegation saw Cwesi Oteng coming out in a tweet to rubbish the allegation made against him stating that he believes his colleague made the careless statement just to gain hype and resurrect his dead career.

See the tweets below…

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