Diana Asamoah arrests another junior pastor for stealing her money

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Gospel musician Diana Asamoah has disclosed the arrest of another junior pastor for allegedly stealing over GH₵30,000 from her bank account to fund sports betting.

Speaking on her evangelism programme on Angel FM, Diana Asamoah recounted discovering the theft during a bank transaction.

She revealed that an associate pastor, referred to as Apostle, had accessed her bank account and used the funds for betting and extravagant online purchases, including shopping on Amazon.

Because the money was not his, he was placing bets in the thousands,” she explained.

A detailed analysis revealed digital expenditures totalling GH₵31,000 on betting, Amazon, and other online transactions.

“He was on a spending spree because he hadn’t earned the money,” she added. The suspect, known as Apostle, is currently in police custody.

In April, Diana Asamoah had another pastor arrested for stealing GH₵4,000 from her mobile wallet.

“He translates my sermons into English and reads the Bible for me. He speaks in tongues and sometimes leads in my absence.

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