DKB -Never date a single mother

 DKB -Never date a single mother

Ghanaian humorist Derrick Kobina Bonney famously known as DKB, has exhorted youthful folks to avoid single parents who are affectionately alluded to as ‘Born ones’ in Ghanaian speech.

In addition, comic composed that the most awkward inquiry a single parent never needs to hear when she’s searching for a relationship is; ‘is that your child’?

Moreover, DKB exhorted that youthful folks ought to never be hindered from posing such an inquiry to find out about the young ladies they need to date.

However,he compares a relationship with a single parent with a football match where one rival is as of now somewhere around various objectives even before kick-off. He said it’s hasty.

DKB tweeted; “Is that your child? The most uncomfortable question for born ones when they want a relationship with you!

Young kings, don’t stop, keep asking, any child u see around them, ask Wai. Else, you’ll start a match from 1-0. A word to the wise, a fool says it’s incomplete.”

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