Don’t Ever Think Of Pumping Money Into The Movie Industry But… – Ivan Quashigah To Government

In the wake of calls on the government of Ghana to try and inject some capital into the ‘dying’ Ghanaian movie industry in a bid to revive it by a section of producers, renowned movie producer and director, Mr. Ivan Quashigah has disclosed that he will never advise the government to waste the resources of the country by investing it in the Ghana movie industry.

According to the producer and director of hit TV series like “Things We Do For Love” and “YOLO” among other viral commercials, the only thing the President Akuffo-Addo government can do if they actually have plans to revive the movie industry will be to put a ban on foreign content for primetime on the Ghanaian TV screens and boom, the industry will automatically generate a lot of revenue for itself and the country.

In the interview with Zionfelix on the ‘Uncut’ show, Mr. Quashigah stressed that if the government is able to make such legislation, the movie industry will be able to march most of its competitors in Nollywood and Bollywood boot for boot.

He explained that he had this strong conviction because once such legislation is made public, local TV channels and radio stations will certainly have a hard time creating that great local content and as such, they will need the services of Ghanaian movie producer to survive, which will automatically translate into the revamping of the industry.

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The award-winning producer added that if such a decision is not taken, they will struggle to ever march up with the foreign telenovelas because they are purchased by the local TV Stations at a cheaper rate which Ghanaian content producers can’t compete with.

Watch the video of Mr. Quashigah making this solid case for a ban of foreign content at primetime below:

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