Efia Odo talks about her fashion choice as she sets the records straight

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Ghanaian socialite Efia Odo has stated that her explicit fashion sense is her own way of being different, which people often misunderstand.

Speaking on the Day Show with Berla Mundi, Efia Odo, noted that her upbringing shaped her perspective, influencing her mentality and mannerisms.

She added that as time passed, people had grown to understand her better, embracing her personality.

She stated, “My way of being is different. So I’m usually misunderstood by people. But … I’ve found a lot of people who have come to love me for who I am.”

The discussion shifted to a peculiar incident when Efia Odo attended church in a modest outfit and received 5,000 Ghanaian cedis from a stranger.

She expressed amusement at the incident, questioning the appropriateness of dressing differently for church. She averred that one’s attire should align with the context and purpose of an event.

Recalling her time working at Kwese TV, she wondered why she didn’t receive money for her decency back then.

“It depends on where I’m going. The outfit fits the purpose and location. I used to work at Kwese TV. Yeah, I was very decent. I dress decent when I need to be decent, and I look like a bear when I got to be a bear.

“It’s my normal, and my normal can be extreme for you, and your normal could be extreme for me. So that’s just how it is. And I’m not going to be uncomfortable to make somebody else comfortable. If you’re uncomfortable around me, then I’m sorry; you’ve got to move,” she said.

Efia Odo, however, noted that change naturally comes with age, and she has adapted her fashion choices according to her growth, revealing that she doesn’t dress the same way she did in the past.

She rather encouraged Ghanaians to shun unnecessary societal standards and live their lives.

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