Epixode’s Former Manager Shames Comedian A.Y At Golden Movie Awards, What Happened Next Was Epic (VIDEO)

Mizz Debbie and A.Y at 2018 Golden Movie Awards

The demeanor of Nigerian comedian A.Y changed few minutes to the end of the recently held Golden Movie Awards due to some words Enyonam Ama Dabor aka Mizz Debbie, former manager of dancehall artiste Epixode said at the event, Zionfelix.net witnessed.

A.Y undoubtedly is one of the best comedians on the continent and he needed to prove that on the night of the awards and by doing so, he joked about recent happenings in the country including Moesha Bodoung’s CNN comment. When many thought the Moesha joke was going to be a one-time thing, A.Y proved them wrong.

The event host on several occasions mentioned the actress’ name just for the patrons who attended the event to laugh but little did he know that he was irritating most of them especially Mizz Debbie. Joselyn Dumas, co-host of the awards signaled the Nigerian comedian several times to stop mentioning Moesha’s name but it looked like he did not get all the alerts until Mizz Debbie shouted at the show that the event goers were tired of hearing the name “Moesha Bodoung” from him and so he should give her a break. The angry lady shouted to the hearing of everybody who made it to the awards.

Right after Mizz Debbie’s outburst, A.Y’s mood changed and it was clear that he was ashamed. Joselyn Dumas further acknowledged Moesha’s presence at the event because A.Y had no idea she was around. Right after Dumas’ introduction, the comedian shockingly asked of her whereabouts and went to give her a hug.

Comedian and host for 2018 Golden Movie Awards hugs @moeshaboduong

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After the two embraced, A.Y later came on stage to apologise to the Ghanaian actress and added that everything he said about her was just for the audience to laugh.

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