Feli Nuna Will Not Be Happy After Hearing What Eno Barony Just Said About Her Rap

Feli Nuna sometime last year told Zionfelix on Radio Univers in Accra said she is the best female rapper in the country but her colleague Eno Barony disagrees.

The 2MG Music signed artiste in an interview on ‘Kasahari Level’ said she does not see the ‘Gelaway’ singer as a rapper so she, Miss Nuna fails to rule the female rap world in the country. To the female rapper and songwriter, Ruth Eno Adjoa Amankwah, she wears the best female rapper crown in Ghana and no female comes close to it.

‘I am the best female rapper no doubt. She [Feli Nuna] says she is the best and that is not rap.

Feli Nuna is the best in what she does. For me what I do is rap. I don’t know whether she is rapping or not so I don’t know.’ she told Dennis Adu on the show.

According to Eno Barony, she doesn’t think Feli Nuna deserves the recognition as a rapper because she is not impressed by her style.

“But I don’t have to blow my own horns. If you think you are the best and you meet me and you are not able to put me on the floor I don’t think you’re the best…”

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