SEE PHOTOS: Ghanaian Rapper Ova Wise Spends $80,000 On New Music Video And One-Third Of The Cash Was Spent On Wild Animals

Ova Wise and one of the animals in the video

Do you remember Ghanaian rapper Ova Wise who recently released “Me and You” song and also lectured about his Polaris Slingshot machine which costs around Gh190,000 when we had the chance to visit his Spintex-located house?

He’s currently in Canada’s capital, Toronto working on a new music video. You will be shocked to hear the estimated budget for this new visual he is working on but it is worth it since we want our music videos to also air on the big channels outside the country. According to what we gather, Ova Wise is spending around $80,000 which is GH382, 560 on the visuals. You shocked? No, don’t be because what you are about to hear will surprise you more.

We also hear that about one-third of the $80,000 was spent on hiring wild animals for the new music video he is shooting in Toronto. The director for this visuals is one of Drake’s favourite music video directors, Tee Tash.

Ova Wise we are sure is about to make some wonders in the Ghanaian music industry. It is not clear which of his songs he is shooting the video for but we are certain this video and song will blow since he is spending a lot on it.

Just check out photos from the video shoot below. Ova Wise is actually proving that he is indeed the king of Gucci so “money no be problem” for him as Sarkodie has been saying.

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