Ghanaians Are Getting ‘WroWroho’ Wrong — Agbeshie

Ewe Gang boss and Wrowroho” hitmaker Agbeshie in an interview on Angel TV’s E-UPDATE, explained the motive behind the song “Wrowroho.”

Most Ghanaians have a popular misconception about the song. In most videos, it is observed that some Ghanaians take off their dress when they hear the song.

Recently, there was a viral video of some teenagers who were filmed jamming to the song while naked.

Some of our celebrities almost go naked when they are dancing to the song.

Speaking to the host Akuwaa, the Wrowroho hitmaker says, Wrowroho in the song means “be blunt”

“Paemuka is what I mean. I didn’t say Ghanaians should go naked when they hear the song but rather they should be honest in their speech. Say it as it is,” he added

He says Ghanaians shouldn’t take off their shirt or dress when they dance to the song.

He finally added that he owns the song and it was a strategy he used when he placed Medikal’s name first.

He made it known that the video will be out soon.

—Herty Akuwaa (Angel Tv)

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