Gospel Musicians Fight Over ‘Bobolebobo’ Song In Public

‘Hell’ may certainly break loose as two gospel musicians, one a name quite known and another, an unseemly underground artiste have decided to battle it out on public radio over claims about who is the actual owner of a song which is currently making a lot of waves in the radio called ‘Bobolibobo’.

Minister Isaac Sei, a graduate from the Christian Service University in Sunyani, is claiming that he is the original owner of the song. Sir Ike, in an interview with Giovani and Berla Mundi on Starr Drive, stated that he does not understand why Evangelist Anning will be out there publicly claiming that he is the owner of the song. He added that he released his version of the song, which is a worship in the year 2017 but Evangelist Anning Released his in 2018 and as such he can’t be out there claiming to be the owner of the song.

Sir Ike also told the Starr Drive crew that earlier this year, the Musiga branch in the Brong Ahafo Region met evangelist Anning and himself to look for a peaceful solution to the issue which was raised at the time but they failed to come to any reasonable conclusion. He added that this was so because Evangelist Anning stated in that meeting that Sir Ike cannot do anything to him because he has no money.

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In a perfect way to allow listeners to make a perfect judgment of their own, the station also called Evangelist Anning.  The Evangelist unsurprisingly also stated on the drive show that he is the actual owner of the song. He also provided a timeline to make his case.

Anning revealed that he granted an interview to Papa Kumasi back in February 2017 in which he sang the ‘Bobolibobo’ song.

He added that Sir Ike came back later in the month of August 2017 to release his song which makes him the one who is trying to steal his song and not the other way round. Evangelist Anning, therefore, urged all those who doubt him to go on Youtube for the said interview.


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