Having a PhD with no money is bogus – Ras Kuuku states

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Reggae and Dancehall artist Ras Kuuku has shared his view in the ongoing debate between a Dutch Passport and a PhD certificate.

According to Ras Kuuku, he would at any day and at any time go for a Dutch passport because he doesn’t know what a PhD is and what it even entails.

He continued that, unlike the Dutch Passport, it provides opportunities for the holder to make more money and live a better and more comfortable life.

He said: “If I am asked to choose between the two, I’ll go for a Dutch passport because what will I be doing with a PhD? What’s even in that PhD, and I want to know what that PhD involves and entails.”

“We want money because when I wake up in the morning and give thanks and praise to God, the next thing is about money and money.

“Apart from money, that’s all, and there’s nothing that I think about again because when you have money, you can even prolong your life in this world.

“We need money, so don’t let anyone tell us that a good name is better than riches, but a good name and riches are both okay.”

Ras Kuuku also cited an example saying holders of a Dutch passport can have their lives prolonged in times of sickness because they have enough money to pay for treatment which automatically extends their lives.

“Imagine two people having kidney problems, and they both go to the hospital and are given two weeks to find money, but one is unable to get the money. Don’t you know the one who got the money for treatment has bought life to extend his stay on earth?”

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