Hiplife has lost its prominence – Dancehall artiste Iwan states

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Award-winning Reggae-Dancehall musician professionally known as Iwan has firmly argued that Hiplife has lost its prominence.

As contended by Iwan, Hiplife’s lost of prominence can be attributed to the craving for Crunk music some years ago.

Speaking in an interview with Amansan Krakye, the dancehall artiste said when crunk music became trendy most of the well-known Hiplife artistes abandoned it to experiment with crunk.

“When I started, Hiplife was the most vibrant genre but I think somewhere along the line Hiplife lost prominence on the music scene.

“Because we like experimenting with different genres so we stopped doing Hiplife at a point in time and we started doing the crunk music.

Even before drill came into the picture there was crunk music and when crunk music came all the Hiplife artistes started doing crunk including most of the rappers.

“So the time when Hiplife was abandoned for crunk who did we expect to go and do Hiplife and it’s the same problem we are facing now,”

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