Hit songs are now marketed and not made – Wendy Shay states

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Ghanaian singer , Wendy Shay, recently discussed the multifaceted factors that influence the success of songs in today’s music industry.

She highlighted that achieving success in the modern music landscape necessitates more than just creative talent—it also demands a substantial financial investment and effective marketing strategies.

Wendy Shay emphasized that the potential for a song to become a hit hinges on its marketing and promotional efforts, in addition to the financial resources allocated to it. She pointed out that the conventional approach of relying solely on traditional media for promotion is no longer as effective in the current music scene.

She mentioned, “The new era of creating a hit song has become capital intensive, unlike the days when conventional media promotion sufficed. Now, times have changed, and the music industry is flooded with various available platforms.”

According to Wendy Shay, musicians in the digital age need to think outside the box and explore innovative methods to produce a successful song, many of which may require significant financial investment. The highly competitive and rapidly evolving music industry can make it challenging for a song to stand out.

Wendy Shay noted, “A multitude of musicians are part of the system now, and over 200 new songs are released within a week. The industry is saturated, and getting the spotlight on your music is a shared challenge due to the sheer volume of songs in circulation. So, your financial resources will play a crucial role in determining how your song achieves its peak, while acknowledging the role of divine grace.”

She further added, “Every available music platform today requires a significant financial commitment, including the new digital spaces like Tiktok and Playlisting. Even the individuals responsible for pushing the song demand compensation. However, recouping your investment is possible, depending on the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.”

She was signed by Rufftown Records manager Bullet, in January 2018 after the untimely death of Ebony Reigns, her label mate.

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