“I don’t hate Yvonne Nelson” – Victoria Lebene clarifies after insults from netizens

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Prominent Ghanaian actress who has successfully transitioned into entrepreneurship, Victoria Lebene recently came under severe public backlashes after she openly expressed her thoughts on Yvonne’s memoir, titled “I am not Yvonne Nelson,” which made its debut on June 18, 2023.

After its launch, the memoir has garnered significant attention and has become a catalyst for widespread shock, sparking intense online discussions and debates.

Victoria Lebene took to social media to share her two cents and this what she wrote;

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If everyone came out to tell a story of what people have done to them every step of the way, do you think we would be safe in this world or country??? Don’t act like you are a saint when you’re not!” 

However, Victoria’s comments faced swift backlash from fans who disagreed and called her out over her opinion.

In an exclusive conversation with Graphic Showbiz, Victoria Lebene clarified her point, emphasizing that she does not harbor hatred towards the “Princess Tyra” actress, despite their past falling out due to her husband’s write-up about Yvonne.

Victoria acknowledged Yvonne’s right to voice her feelings but expressed concern over the explicit details shared in the memoir. “I do not hate Yvonne, not at all. I just feel she went overboard with some of the intimate details she shared. I am not saying Yvonne shouldn’t voice out how she felt, but she should have been sensitive about how she went about it,” she explained.

It is worth noting that Victoria’s decision to share her thoughts on the memoir stems from a genuine desire to contribute to the ongoing discourse and shed light on her perspective.

Her aim is to foster healthy conversations and dispel any misconceptions that may arise from her comments on Yvonne’s book.

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