“I don’t see twerking as morally wrong” – Akuapem Poloo states

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During a recent interview on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning show, Rosemary Brown, also known as Akuapem Poloo, expressed her unwavering support for twerking and emphasized that she sees no issue with it.

The Ghanaian actress and social media personality defended twerking as a form of self-expression and dismissed any notions of impropriety.

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Akuapem Poloo’s comments came in response to a viral video of her twerking and energetically shaking her body during her birthday celebration.

Addressing the controversy surrounding twerking, she drew parallels with the story of King David from the Bible, highlighting how he danced with such fervor that his clothes fell off.

According to Akuapem Poloo, twerking is a joyful expression and an integral part of dancing.

It is worth noting that twerking has been a subject of debate and contention in recent times.

While some perceive it as inappropriate or degrading, others argue that it is a legitimate form of self-expression.

Akuapem Poloo firmly falls into the latter camp, supporting twerking as a means of celebrating the joy and embracing individuality.

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