I learn form Burnaboy and Davido – Gospel singer Sonnie Badu reveals

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Renowned gospel artist Sonnie Badu recently opened up about his admiration for Burna Boy and Davido, two prominent figures in the contemporary music scene.

In a candid conversation, Sonnie Badu shared how he finds inspiration in the musical journeys and experiences of these two artists.

Sonnie Badu, known for his soul-stirring gospel music, revealed that observing Burna Boy and Davido’s careers has been a source of continuous learning for him.

“I am inspired by Davido and Burna Boy, I have seen the kind of music they do , so I like to learn what they are doing so I can do it in the gospel space. I can’t say I don’t listen to secular music, that would be a lie , I do hear it and I enjoy it. I do listen to secular music to see what I can do better,” he said.

He also emphasized the importance of drawing inspiration from various genres and artists, even outside the gospel music realm.

Sonnie was responding to reactions his ‘Spotify Wrapped’ stirred on social media.

Contrary to expectations of a Christian-focused list, Sonnie Badu’s most-streamed artist for 2023 was Sarkodie, a renowned Ghanaian rapper.

Ghanaians had anticipated that Sonnie’s list would primarily reflect his Christian faith. The unexpected diversity in Sonnie Badu’s musical preferences sparked discussions and surprise among Ghanaians on social media.

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